November 10th , Saturday Evening: Israel’s New Wheels!

Hello to you all!

Israel is still pressing on. His recovery is slow but progressing. This has been an exciting week for Israel and Cori as they have been able to use some of  the money from the Sunday auction for some necessary things. One of them was a motorized wheelchair that allows him to carry items from place to place, a real need he has felt. He can now make his own coffee, empty the fireplace ashes, and in general move about more freely. He now has two wheelchairs that both have a useful place in Israel’ life. They really appreciated the money also for medications. They have been getting very expensive as they have been in the waiting for Medicaid to come through . In the meantime they have had to buy them all out of pocket.

Thank you once again for all of your support and care for Israel and Cori. They continue to keep their eyes on the Lord and are trusting Him.


November 7th, Wednesday Evening, Israel’s Community Event

We had a wonderful turnout on Saturday, November 4th at the Ice Skating Rink in Palmer for Israel’s Fundraiser. The community and his family showed their support for Israel and Cori by coming in and seeing he and Cori and participating in the silent and live auction. Israel and Cori came home so blessed , humbled, and encouraged by all of your support and words of comfort and love. Israel did well that Sunday and made it for two hours sitting up, shaking people’s hands,and watching the special hockey team that uses sleds and poles instead of the normal hockey sticks.

Monday was a tough day for him after the draining day before and due to some medications problems. Thankfully he snapped out of it and Tuesday he felt better. Today, Wednesday, he went to a doctor’s appointment to counsel with a prosthesis doctor and get some opinions about prosthetics  He spent the rest of the day resting. He and Cori are doing well and continuing to press on in hope and trust in the Lord Jesus. Life is not without hope and joy even though there are hard moments.

They want to thank you all again for your care and support in these days. The Lord uses a cheerful word and kind gift to bring encouragement to their sometimes tough moments in a day.


November 3rd, Saturday Evening, 9:45 PM Israel’s Life

Israel continues to gain more knowledge into his limitations and abilities. His stomach/ digestive  issues have been some of the most challenging lately and up -chucking his food is common. He and Cori are still trying to figure out his medications and what foods he can eat and also how to eat. His teeth also have been giving him a lot of grief as he realizes that he severely bruised them at the scene of his accident when he clenched so hard due to the extreme pain. Any kind of cold foods send him reeling and salad is not an option right now. So along with his leg pain which still gets intense at times along with very painful tremors in his legs he continues to face different kinds of pain.

His activity varies from day to day. Some days he is able to do more than others. Today he did something different and went to a local dog show with his wife and little dog , Surprise  and had a wonderful time looking at all different types of talents dogs can do. He came home very tired but he had Cori enjoyed their variation of daily life. He’s anticipating seeing many of you tomorrow and hopes that he will feel well enough to come.

Here is a thought for today that comes from a song:

” Amid the trials which I meet, amidst the thorns that pierce my feet, one thought remains supremely sweet , Thou thinkest Lord of me.

Thou thinkest Lord of me,

thou thinkest Lord of me,

what need I fear since Thou art near and thinkest Lord of me.”

He truly cares for us and never forgets what we are facing and what we are doing.

October 31st, Wednesday 9:30 PM Israel’s Last Four Days

Israel is still pressing on. Every day is a new experience, one with a mixture of pain, sleep , medications, talking and reminiscing about the past and looking with new expectation into the future. His spirit continues to be looking up to the Lord and though there are hard moments he continues to press on in faith. There have been a lot of ups and downs this week, dealing with the medications and the side effects that come along with the medications he has had to take. Thanks to his doctor with whom he has been able to communicate with on the phone he has been able to stay out of the emergency room.

From Israel’s own mouth: ” I can say, that through all of this God is completely changing my life.

God has showed me what it means to trust in him,  and sit back with an open hand to let the Lord lead me. I just sit and wait for the thing that I know God has planned for me. I don’t know what that is yet, but I do know  that he saved my life for a very specific purpose. As I sit and look at the trailer and truck that are completely totaled I just can’t believe that God actually saved my life. Looking at the back of that trailer it truly is a complete miracle that I am alive and that by body wasn’t completely crushed and killed instantly. God had to lifted me physically out of the middle of that wreck and as he did my feet were taken off. I know now that God can do miracles and he loves me Very Much!!! and with tears I say this.”

Here is a picture of a beautiful sunset  Israel and Cori were  watching from their home you all are helping to complete!

A reminder about the upcoming event this Sunday night starting at 4:00 . You all are welcome to come even if you don’t like skating 🙂 Israel would love to see you and thank you personally for your support. In addition you might find some goodies at the silent auction! We look forward to seeing you there. If you have any questions call David at 232-3007 and he will try to help you.


October 27th, Saturday Night, 9:45 PM Israel’s Progress

Hello to all of you faithful blog readers who like to keep up with Israel and his continued healing progress of his two amputated legs. Since Wednesday, Israel has had his ups and downs still but continues to make headway. The day after his doctor’s appointment ( Wednesday) was one of the roughest days he’d had since being home. The exertion of driving to Anchorage even though he was able to lay down was just too much. Yesterday, Friday, he did much better and slept most of the day. Sleep seems to be his biggest aid right now as it does for all recovery of the human body! He is sleeping a lot. Today he and Cori went to their house which had the electricians working at it again and spent the afternoon looking around again and dreaming! He was tired when he came home but got a nice nap and ate a delicious dinner of spaghetti , one of his favorite meals!

Thank you for all of your prayers and thoughts  regarding Israel’s condition. He continues to daily face the reality that it is quite difficult to do much with your hands tied up wheeling a wheelchair everywhere and that transporting items even to the sink is near impossible. He continues to trust the Lord and is daily encouraged by his dear wife and her support. He is amazed that he is still alive and treasures that thought that God has a purpose for his life!

His house continues to progress forward and much thanks goes out to all the men who have taken their Saturday once again to help on his house today. It is a labor of  love that both Israel and Cori trust the Lord will repay your efforts for.

A comment on the blog came in today which is a very true thought. Here it is for our ” thought for the day.”

“It is a precious thought that you, Israel, will henceforth “walk” on your knees – quite literally – since your patellas will bear your weight, a reminder that, as believers in Jesus, we go forward first by kneeling in prayer. May every day with Jesus be a “prayer-walk” for you both!”

Here is a picture of Israel and his new Ki wheelchair that was so kindly donated to him by the Ki company. It is a much easier wheelchair to move around in ( except on plush carpet :)) and his is really excited about it’s mobility. A big thank you to all those involved in making that very important commodity available to him!

Note: We are going to be posting the blog twice a week from now on due to the fact that Israel’ s progress is slow but yet we want to keep you all informed. We will try to post on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Thank you for continuing to check this blog site out!


October 24th, Wednesday Night, 9:30 PM Israel’s Doctor Visit

Hello to each of you who are so caring & interested in Israel’s progress.

Today has been a better day for Israel than the past two days.

He had a doctors appointment with the surgeon who performed the very first surgery the night of the wreck. The doctor was quite awed at the healing progress he saw in Israel’s legs, & also was impressed at the technique Dr.Smith (the world renown surgeon at Harborview who performed Israel’s final above knee amputation) used to give Israel’s amputated legs added strength for the future.This technique was taking the patella ( the knee cap ), & attaching it to the end of the femur bone. These two will grow together in a much stronger way for weight bearing!

We are SO thankful to God for the surgeons he hand picked for Israel, the way He guided their hands & gave them skill, & the way He is now bringing such an incredible healing to Israel’s body!!!

We realize nerves are the slowest healing part of our bodies & also that this could be a life long issue, so please continue to pray that the nerve pain Israel is experiencing will be COMPLETELY healed & taken away, so that he can function & live without the pain! Along with the healing process comes a lot of reality of what it means to not have your legs and until prosthetic s to be bound to a wheelchair. The pain he experiences from day to day is still very real and sometimes is unbearable. His pain medication is very expensive and without Medicaid aid right now it is difficult to afford . Please also pray that Medicaid may be approved soon so that Israel can get the help he needs.

Both Israel & I thank you for your continued care & prayers!!!

We also want to let all of you “blog readers” know that on November 4th, Sunday , from 4:00 -6:00 PM  at the MTA Sports Center in Palmer ,AK, also known as the Palmer ice arena, there is  going to be a free ice skating time for all of you who have supported and helped in this situation and time for Israel. Israel would like an opportunity to see all of you and give you face to face thanks for all of your faithful and kind support. He and Cori will be there at the ice rink.  This skate will go from 4:00 -5:00 PM. There is going to be a hockey playoff with the Challangers, a group of individual who  use ice sleds to play hockey instead of normal hockey at the end . It is  a sport that those who have a physical handicap such as impaired legs can use to play this exciting sport.  We are also going to have a silent auction to raise money for Israel’s bills . If you or anyone you know has an item  to donate to auction off please contact David Hale with your item. Please contact him via email at or call him at 232-3007. Note: These items will  need to be smaller or else you can make a flyer of the item for people to see.  We invite all to come ! We want to thank Rep. Bill Stoltz for hosting this event and making it possible.

October 20th, 9:45 PM Israel is Still UP and At It!

Praise the Lord , Israel is up and doing well. He has been sleeping up to 15 hours a day which has been helping with his continual recovery. He went  to his house again and spent time with the electricians today . He is not able to sit up too long yet but gains a little strength every day. Cori is doing well and enjoying her days out of the hospital setting . She is faithfully caring for her husband making sure he gets his pills even in the night! Israel and Cori are enjoying their little Sheltie dog, “Suprise”. She is a bright spot in their long days and she loves Israel’s lap!

Israel was very excited to find a computerized prosthetic leg that someone has donated to him! It is getting mailed to him soon. He is hoping to find another prosthetic for his other leg. This person heard of Israel’s situation and was pleased to be able to pass it on to him. Every opportunity he finds to have the future of legs he “jumps at”!

A thought for today: ” Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights,, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” James 1: 17  The Lord loves to give good gifts to His children and Israel and Cori are experiencing the Lord’s goodness in special ways every day.