September 9th, 2013 – The Anniversary of Israel Hale’s Accident

Greetings to All of those Who have Faithfully Followed and Prayed for Israel Hale over the past year! Today marks the date, though yesterday , Sunday, was the actual day, of Israel’s accident one year ago in which he lost  both of his legs. In Anchorage Alaska, at approximately 7:00 PM this time last year, Israel ‘s life completely changed. Anyone wanting to remember the details can view his previous blogs. Israel and his wife Cori have had a full year with many challenges and and trials but their trust in God has still not wavered as they have committed to His All Knowing ways this seeming tragic event in their lives. Today, Israel and Cori are living in their 6 month old home which so many generous people contributed to. They love it and are so grateful to have a home of their own, handicap accessible and easy to maneuver in for Israel.  Israel is now working part time as a bookkeeper and really is enjoying his job. Cori is faithfully helping in their home and meeting Israel’s needs . Their Sheltie female dog, Suprise, just had 5 beautiful male puppies two weeks ago and they are enjoying the new additions! Israel and Cori are doing well mentally and physically today. Israel has had many challenges with pain in his legs and back but is slowly adjusting to the constant reality of pain.  His prosthetic legs have had some real challenges for him and today he still does not have a reliable set of legs after his first set  did not work out for him very well. He is very excited about his new set of stubbies though,  short legs which are detachable at his leg stubs. He gets around incredibly well and nothing hinders him! He still spends time in his wheelchair but goes as much as he can on his stubbies. He and Cori are trusting the Lord Jesus for their future. Though at times there is a sadness that comes over them as they realize something they used to do and cannot today, they do find hope and courage to keep moving on in their lives with the reality that the Lord has a new life for them to live and they are able to have joy and peace knowing that He knows. Israel and Cori send their love and greeting to you all! If you would like to send Israel and Cori an encouraging note  to their email address,  on this day that could be a real encouragement to them.  Thank you once again for your thoughts and prayers for Israel and Cori Hale!

The Homecoming of Israel and Cori Hale! April 1st, 2013

Six months ago God saw what was coming, probably the biggest tragedy that will come in Israel and Cori’s life. Looking back on it, some of us  would have to wonder if it was so that the power of God’s mercy and love for His children could be made known. Six months ago when Israel’s accident happened he was in the process of beginning the construction on his house. I and others thought that we should cease construction of his house because it did not seem possible that it would ever be built due to lack of money. A brother in the Lord came to us and said,” I think that we should just pray that the Lord will provide the money to finish his house. God is not short of money.” As we began to pray God touched the hearts of so many people not only in Alaska but all over the United States.It was amazing to even watch how some people who had never known the family would just pick up the phone and call and offer their help, money and resources. It has been such a touching experience for us to see the many miracles that God has worked through this. Even some of the things that were given were the exact things we were looking for or looking to  buy! This could have  only been  God’s doing and we want to most of all thank the Lord for his tender mercies and care for Israel and Cori. We would also like  to thank each one of you who were willing to come and to give a cold drink of water to one of His children who really truly was in a time of need. We know that we can not  thank each one of you individually but we can count on  God will reward you openly for those things which you did in secret.

This is a personal note from Israel and Cori to each one of you:

” Hello to each of you!

We have deeply appreciated your interest as you have followed this blog since Israel’s life changing accident 6 1/2 months ago.

We would like to bring this blog to a closure as we don’t want to sound repetitive in giving you updates about Israel’s healing with it now just taking lots of time for progress/healing.

Israel still is dealing with pain.We have found out,as time progresses,that his back did suffer from the impact of the accident as well,with a bulging disk & some slight spinal leakage, causing a lot of shooting pain down both legs. He has been getting spinal shots in an attempt to help this, but so far we haven’t seen any real relief. Please pray that this pain will be permanently healed & taken away.

The culmination of many, many people’s love & care in giving time, money, labor, skills, materials, encouragement, etc., has come to pass as we have moved into our home this past weekend, a home definitely built by God! We are overjoyed to be in our own place & have such a beautiful dwelling to call home.

We give our deepest thanks to David(Israel’s brother) & Heidi (Cori’s sister) for their kindness of heart in opening their home, even giving up their master bedroom, for us to stay in over the past 5 1/2 months while our home has been under construction. We have a wonderful relationship with them & thank God for this time of “sharing our lives together ” as siblings. David has been a tremendous help & “spear header” in much of the construction on our house,while Heidi has been a wonderful encouragement  in the progress as well.

Time would run out if we were to specifically name each one who has come up alongside us in SO many aspects.”

A special note from  David and Heidi:

This experience of working with Israel and Cori through this tragic time in their life has truly changed our lives. It has made us realize that God is so much bigger and God sees such a  bigger picture than we could ever see. The testimony that we have received of lives that have been touched by this have been amazing to us . We know that God has good things in store for Israel and Cori and that their lives He will continue to help , guide and lead.

One last thing that we would leave you to prayer for them  is in Israel finding his way in an occupation. We all know that it is a man’s desire to provide for his household and wife/family and Israel and Cori are seeking the Lord right now as to what that will mean for them with a physical condition of not having legs. It is a worry at times and yet they want to do the Lord’s will in their lives. We know God will not leave them even in these decisions and it will be exciting to see how He takes care of them financially in the future.

Thank you once again. We pray that you too may find the peace of God in whatever situations you are facing today. We are all made of the same thing, flesh and blood, and yet our God says, ” Come unto ME, all ye that are weary and  heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn of Me; for I am meek and lowly of heart and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy and My burden is light. ” Matthew 10: 28-30.

The Lord Jesus bless each one of you!

The cozy Home!

The living

room of

their new


Israel is walking more and more on his prosthetics.                                                             Israel' legs

Look at his

happy smile!

Their Home overlooking River

A picture of Israel and Cori’s house from the other

side of the Matanuska River which their house

overlooks. That is ice on the river!



Note from the blog posters: It has been our great pleasure to continually give you updates on Israel and Cori but as of right now we don’t intend to make any more posts unless there is something necessary to let you all know.

If you want to contact Israel and Cori you can still do so through their email: or you can reach them at their address: P.O. Box 4269, Palmer, AK 99645.



The Life of Israel Hale- March 1st, 2013

33 Welcome to the recent update on Israel Hale and his wife Cori!   Israel is pictured here on the right with the first water out of their well which is producing 20 gallons per minute!

Israel is now 6 months into his life without his two legs. On September 9th, 2012 at approx. 7:10 Sunday evening his life changed forever. In reflection on it , it seems like it’s been years and on the other hand , just a few days. Israel often recounts the days, “ I could do that” and at moments it is hard to accept the lot the Lord has allowed for him but he continues to put his trust in the Lord his Savior for his daily life. It’s not always easy especially when his body is still trying to recover and figure out what happened to it! Cori continues to be there at every turn to help her husband. It is an adjustment for her too and she is tackling learning many jobs which her husband instructs her. One has been  running an early 70s stick shift snow plow truck and plowing their’s and several other neighbor’s driveways!

Israel shares that he has been slowly doing better this past month of February. The pain in his lower back where his L4 and L5 vertebrae are damaged continue to affect his left leg and causes him pain still. He did go in for a shot in his back in the early part of February that has helped make the pain bearable but has not taken it away. Time and healing are still needed.

He continues to progress in learning to walk on his new legs. It is a slow one especially since his one leg’s knee, which is operated by a highly specialized computer, has not been functioning. It makes walking very difficult since it does not help him bend his artificial knee. The doctor has ordered a new computer for it which hopefully will take care of the problem. He continues to practice walking the best he can.

Excitement is mounting for Israel, though, as he sees his dreamed new house taking shape as a real home . This month has been a month of progress as Israel and Cori tackled painting the entire house themselves, even added several different colors! It turned out very nice and they felt accomplished! The flooring in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room is installed by a very kind man , Brad Glaesher. This weekend, Laverne Herr, a very special friend from Pennsylvania , has come to install their kitchen, two bathroom and laundry room cabinets which he custom made for them back in his cabinet shop in Pennsylvania! He kindly donated all the materials and time for them. Israel and Cori feel very undeserving of all the labor of love that has been shown them by so many . There have been many kind people and families, the Baily family up on Lazy Mountain being one, who have so willingly donated their time and energy to clean up for them and lend them a hand when they have needed it. Another anonymous couple donated a four wheeler for Israel to get around on their property with. It is the perfect compliment to Israel’s somewhat limited life without transportation of legs. These are just a few of the many we would love to mention who behind the scenes have been such a help to Israel and Cori.

Last of all, Israel and Cori are still overwhelmed at the Lord Jesus’ goodness to them which they daily see. There are so many daily answers to prayer that we know are being answered by out Heavenly Father who cares about the sparrow in the snow  and is caring very gently for this young couple. It is with much gratitude that they press on knowing that just as the God has taken care of them now He will continue in the unknown future which lies ahead for them.

As for the completion of their house, they are planning on being moved out of David and Heidi Hale’s home, the brother they have been living with since October , the first of April. They are excited !

Thank you to each one who is still praying for Israel. He really appreciates your thoughts for him and knows that God is answering your prayers.

May we each find the promise Jesus left us in Matthew 6:26 which says, “ Behold the fowls of the air; for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns, yet your heavenly Father feedeth them; Are ye not much better than they?”

The Lord Jesus bless you. Until next month, good bye!

P.S. Israel and Cori’s first anniversary is on March 10th! Our plan was to have them in their house but since they are not going to make that , if anyone wants to donate to the donation button before the 10th it will be used to pay for a date night away for them!


This is a short video of Israel skating with the Challengers!

photo 1

IMG_0237 IMG_0240 IMG_0236

55 44 66

February 1st, 2013, The Lives of Israel and Cori Hale

Good Evening to all of you Faithful Blog Readers:

We pray that all of you have had a blessed January and are now ready to enter into this new month of February. Israel and Cori have had a good month health wise with many daily variables. They appreciate all of your prayers for them which they continue to see answered by our Loving Lord Jesus on a daily basis.

Here are a few examples of answers to prayer for the month of January:

  1. Israel was fitted for his prosthetic legs and was able to achieve them toward the end of this month. Now a whole new world awaits his learning!
  2. Health: Israel and Cori, other than a 4 day stomach bug, have been very healthy which a real blessing for the winter time is.
  3. Their house has progressed greatly. Several generous people have donated materials, time and labor to continue the house building for Israel and Cori. State Foam, a local insulating company, came and installed the insulation in the walls. Gabe, another insulator came and did the labor for the visqueen and the attic of their house. Image Drywall had a crew come and install all of the drywall in the entire house. Bob Myers, a local drywall finisher volunteered two weeks of his time every day to finish their mudding and taping. Garrett Rubio, Cori’s brother, also came and helped.  There are many others behind the scenes who have worked tirelessly to put effort into making this house become a home!
  4. The physical strength for Israel to take on the task of painting his house! Amazing enough, Israel has dreamed of painting his house before he even started building. That dream is becoming a reality by the aid of a set of scaffolding and the patient help of his dear wife, Cori. They already have the garage finished and are starting on the house now. In a week or two they should be ready for the flooring to get installed.
  5. The recent contribution of many big and small items donated by a local agency with items such as flooring for their kitchen, entryway, plus all of the window blinds for every window in their house not to mention most of the practical hardware that makes a house function like bath towel racks, door rugs, door knobs,  etc. They were totally shocked at how the items were tailor made to their tastes. It was an amazing reality that God really does care about the details of our lives. These small details add such encouragement to these two. The Lord knows just what we need when we need it!

There have been some disappointments as well this month. The biggest one was the reality of a pain that has increased at the end of Israel’s right leg. It looks like a nerve problem possibly caused by the amputation. It has caused him tremendous pain especially at night. It has been very discouraging for him and Cori at moments and does not appear to have any fast answers for relief. They went to their doctor this past week who suggested some shots to help with the nerves. Due to this pain, he has not really been able to get up walking yet with his prosthetics which has been a little disappointing for him. The knife sharp jabs make it almost impossible for him to be up very long. He looks forward to the day he can get up and practice his walking. It is a slow process but Israel is determined to learn. He can do it, we are convinced!

Israel and Cori continue to look to the Lord for strength. It is a daily choice and challenge but with it God gives grace , that strength to do His will in accepting His plan for our lives. You can pray for them this month especially in the area of his nerve pain that the Lord may send some relief so that Israel can begin walking. Pray for Cori that her strength would remain as a lot of lifting and work falls on her shoulders as she help hers husband in the daily needs of life.

Included here are various pictures of Israel and Cori’s lives 2-1-13 a 2-1-13 b 2-1-13 c 2-1-13- d 2-1-13 e 2-1-13 f. Thank you for your cares and concerns.


Happy New Year From Israel and Cori Hale! January 3rd, 2013


photo 3

There have been many praises as we reflect back on the year 2012!

The 3 greatest ones are: life, our marriage, & our loving Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, who has so carefully orchestrated our steps , & given us the strength to face our daily challenges, disappointments, & inabilities.

Israel:   My healing progress is slow but sure.  I have been able to get off some of the pain medications, which has been a well worth it though it has been a challenging and painful process.

The pain has subsided a little since my last update, but it does persist on the end of my right leg.

The prosthetic work on my new legs & feet is moving forward. I have been fitted for the new legs and now it’s the slow process of ” fine tuning ” the details of the legs to fit just right! I got to attempt walking on them for the first time while standing between hand rails.It’s a whole new learning process that is especially hard without my natural knees. They have gotten me special computerized knees that are able to read my stride to a very minute detail.

These legs stands me back to my 6′ height & size 13 foot!!!!

drywall cleanup

Cori: Israel’s weeks have been very busy with doctor’s appointments, chiropractic appointments,prosthetic photo 2apts., & physical therapy starting up also!

There are things he is trying to fix, enjoy,& do, during this healing time Here are a few pictures. -cleaning up construction mess at our house, fixing the luggage rack on our car, bowling, etc.

We are both very excited about the progress being made on our house!

We are VERY overwhelmed & SO thankful for the MANY kindhearted, generous, individuals & companies who have donated there time, labors, skills, money & materials to make this home a reality for us!  We want to thank Joe from Image Drywall who got his whole crew to drywall the entire house in two days! This week is the start for the drywall finishing, which will be followed shortly with painting!

Israel’s brother David & his wife Heidi ( my sister), continue to be very hospitable to us as they let us make their home ours also ( temporarily ) while our home gets built!!!

We are concerned that our inability to say a personal “Thank You” to each & every one of you who has “carried our burden” with us, be it ever so small, will be interpreted as a lack of thankfulness, or a taking for granted of the many kindnesses done for us. Please know each one means SO very much to us, & often God brings it at just the time we are shedding some tears over the change that has taken place in our lives. So, though it seems general, we say “Thank You”, & may our Lord Jesus richly bless you!!!

May each of you have a wonderful new year( remember, life is short, eternity forever- be ready to meet God)!


Israel & Cori

Please continue to pray:

1. That this persisting pain will go away completely for Israel

2. That Israel will be able to learn to walk well again despite the

obstacle of it being both legs & no knees.

Note: Our next posting will be January 3oth!

leg checkups 2 more legsFancyleg checkups

Sunday , December 2 Israel Hale’s On-Going Recovery

Welcome to the newest update on Israel Hale and his recovery after the loss of both of his legs on September 9th. Almost three months have transpired since that life changing day for Israel and Cori. They reminisce often about the miracle that God did that day and how that accident scene could have been so different. Just an inch over or a leaning down on Israel’s part could have cost him his upper body or more than likely, his entire life. He and Cori continue to see the hand of the Lord in this accident and marvel at him still being here.

Israel continues his road of recovery. It is one of ups and downs, some days dealing with intense nerve spasms and muscle pain. Those days he spends on the couch , trying to cope with the pain through his pain meds and then often drifting to sleep for several hours. Then there are the days like the last few which are good days of progress and the ability to get out of the house thanks to the aid of his ever-present help-meet, Cori. They  go to their house and make future plans or head to Anchorage like on Black Friday for sales which they were able to take advantage of  by purchasing some much needed accessories for their house! The rest of their days are often filled with chiropractor or doctor appointments along with needed shopping. He has been finding this last week a lot of relief in some chiropractic work being done on his body. He realized that a lot of his nerve pain in his legs resulted from a misaligned back/spine. He has been amazed and thrilled at the results! They are continuing to pursue a doctor who specializes in prosthetics here in our nearby town of Wasilla. They really like his enthusiasm and hopeful outlook for Israel’s walking future and are excited at the possibilities which await them with new legs! He is wearing special legs shrinkers right now to help form his legs down to the size they need to be in order to be fitted for prosthetics in the future. This is a slow process and one he is actively trying to work on right now. The next step will be getting some ” stubbies”, short legs which will adjust him to the feeling of walking again. This will happen sometime in the next two months depending on his continued progress in healing.

We are so thankful as his family to see the attitude Israel continues to have regarding this injury/disability. Though he has his moments where the reality of not being able to do something grips him he overall has a very positive and enthusiastic outlook on his future. He talks often of what kind of work he he could do with his prosthetics and dreams big! He is not unrealistic about his abilities but actively is trying to push himself in order to achieve the goals he feels the Lord would have him pursue. He continues to thank the Lord for his life, changed as it is. He  loves his wife and has had to learn a new side of life for him: dependence on someone else for everything. They work very well together and are a joyful couple. Cori comes to the aid of her husband in all kinds of  daily needs and patiently tries to lend a hand . There are moments , of course, that the reality of caring for a husband in this state is a hard and long road as many other wives or husbands of amputees can attest to but she says that she turns to the Lord in prayer and He truly gives her more strength for that moment she is dealing with. We serve a kind and loving God who gives us grace and strength for the moment of trial.

The work on Israel and Cori’s house continues, though at a little slower rate . The electrical work is still not done and so there is somewhat of a standstill on insulation, sheetrock, mudding and taping until this is finished. Many kind electricians have helped with this work and Israel and Cori are so thankful for a safe job done on their behind-the-scenes electrical work . Hopefully by our next report the insulation will be in and sheetrock will be on it’s way!

We give the Lord Jesus praise for the healing work He is doing in Israel’s body and life. When we stop and consider that it has only been not even three months since this accident and see the attitude and physical healing which Israel has been experiencing we are truly humbled at God’s goodness to us! His lovingkindness is new every morning, Great is Thy Faithfulness!

Until December 30, The Lord Jesus bless all of you and thank you for your many prayers, notes of encouragement and continued interest in Israel and Cori Hale’s lives. They appreciate each and every one of you and only wish they could thank you personally.

November 14th, Wednesday Evening, Update on Israel

Israel continues to progress little by little. He stays busy resting, making decisions about his house with Cori and going  to doctor visits. It has been a month now since they moved back to Palmer from Seattle. At times he feels like he makes one step forward and two back but he continues to remain in good spirits even though progress is slow. He has seen two prosthesis doctors this week and is seriously praying and looking into who he wants to use for his legs prosthesis  You can be in prayer for he and Cori regarding this that the Lord will direct their decisions in this matter especially with no funds at the moment and Medicaid not in place.

We want to let all of you faithful blog readers know that with Israel’s progress being slow we are going to go to posting on this blog twice a month from now on. If you would like to contact Israel directly feel free to still use that email site on the side of the blog. He reads those daily. Our next post will be December 1st and December 30th . We will maintain these same dates every month and keep you updated on Israel’s life.

We could not have made it without all of your support. We really appreciate the time , money and care so many of you have put into Israel .

The Lord is good . We are so thankful in this Thanksgiving season to have Israel still with us. It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed .

This is a list of thanks to the Lord for Israel and his recovery:

1. Thanks to the Lord for sparing Israel’s life in the accident.

2. “A wonderful wife for me “: ( Israel’s words)

3. Good surgeons who were able to perform  remarkable surgeries

4. Praise to God for all of the emergency response crews who worked hard to save Israel’s life

5. A home on it’s way to be completed

6. Friends and Family who have stood behind us in prayer to the Lord for His help

7. Being able to come ” home” and to stay out of the hospital

8. Thanks to God for the people who arrived on the scene of the accident to save Israel from bleeding to death

9. All the people who have donated time to work on Israel and Cori’s house

10. Most of all , for knowing that we have a Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, who was willing to die for us and suffer more pain than we could ever know!

A thanksgiving verse:  2 Corinthians 2:14: ” Now thanks be unto God , which always causeth us to triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest the savour of His knowledge by us in every place.”

November 10th , Saturday Evening: Israel’s New Wheels!

Hello to you all!

Israel is still pressing on. His recovery is slow but progressing. This has been an exciting week for Israel and Cori as they have been able to use some of  the money from the Sunday auction for some necessary things. One of them was a motorized wheelchair that allows him to carry items from place to place, a real need he has felt. He can now make his own coffee, empty the fireplace ashes, and in general move about more freely. He now has two wheelchairs that both have a useful place in Israel’ life. They really appreciated the money also for medications. They have been getting very expensive as they have been in the waiting for Medicaid to come through . In the meantime they have had to buy them all out of pocket.

Thank you once again for all of your support and care for Israel and Cori. They continue to keep their eyes on the Lord and are trusting Him.


November 7th, Wednesday Evening, Israel’s Community Event

We had a wonderful turnout on Saturday, November 4th at the Ice Skating Rink in Palmer for Israel’s Fundraiser. The community and his family showed their support for Israel and Cori by coming in and seeing he and Cori and participating in the silent and live auction. Israel and Cori came home so blessed , humbled, and encouraged by all of your support and words of comfort and love. Israel did well that Sunday and made it for two hours sitting up, shaking people’s hands,and watching the special hockey team that uses sleds and poles instead of the normal hockey sticks.

Monday was a tough day for him after the draining day before and due to some medications problems. Thankfully he snapped out of it and Tuesday he felt better. Today, Wednesday, he went to a doctor’s appointment to counsel with a prosthesis doctor and get some opinions about prosthetics  He spent the rest of the day resting. He and Cori are doing well and continuing to press on in hope and trust in the Lord Jesus. Life is not without hope and joy even though there are hard moments.

They want to thank you all again for your care and support in these days. The Lord uses a cheerful word and kind gift to bring encouragement to their sometimes tough moments in a day.


November 3rd, Saturday Evening, 9:45 PM Israel’s Life

Israel continues to gain more knowledge into his limitations and abilities. His stomach/ digestive  issues have been some of the most challenging lately and up -chucking his food is common. He and Cori are still trying to figure out his medications and what foods he can eat and also how to eat. His teeth also have been giving him a lot of grief as he realizes that he severely bruised them at the scene of his accident when he clenched so hard due to the extreme pain. Any kind of cold foods send him reeling and salad is not an option right now. So along with his leg pain which still gets intense at times along with very painful tremors in his legs he continues to face different kinds of pain.

His activity varies from day to day. Some days he is able to do more than others. Today he did something different and went to a local dog show with his wife and little dog , Surprise  and had a wonderful time looking at all different types of talents dogs can do. He came home very tired but he had Cori enjoyed their variation of daily life. He’s anticipating seeing many of you tomorrow and hopes that he will feel well enough to come.

Here is a thought for today that comes from a song:

” Amid the trials which I meet, amidst the thorns that pierce my feet, one thought remains supremely sweet , Thou thinkest Lord of me.

Thou thinkest Lord of me,

thou thinkest Lord of me,

what need I fear since Thou art near and thinkest Lord of me.”

He truly cares for us and never forgets what we are facing and what we are doing.