September 9th, 2013 – The Anniversary of Israel Hale’s Accident

Greetings to All of those Who have Faithfully Followed and Prayed for Israel Hale over the past year! Today marks the date, though yesterday , Sunday, was the actual day, of Israel’s accident one year ago in which he lost  both of his legs. In Anchorage Alaska, at approximately 7:00 PM this time last year, Israel ‘s life completely changed. Anyone wanting to remember the details can view his previous blogs. Israel and his wife Cori have had a full year with many challenges and and trials but their trust in God has still not wavered as they have committed to His All Knowing ways this seeming tragic event in their lives. Today, Israel and Cori are living in their 6 month old home which so many generous people contributed to. They love it and are so grateful to have a home of their own, handicap accessible and easy to maneuver in for Israel.  Israel is now working part time as a bookkeeper and really is enjoying his job. Cori is faithfully helping in their home and meeting Israel’s needs . Their Sheltie female dog, Suprise, just had 5 beautiful male puppies two weeks ago and they are enjoying the new additions! Israel and Cori are doing well mentally and physically today. Israel has had many challenges with pain in his legs and back but is slowly adjusting to the constant reality of pain.  His prosthetic legs have had some real challenges for him and today he still does not have a reliable set of legs after his first set  did not work out for him very well. He is very excited about his new set of stubbies though,  short legs which are detachable at his leg stubs. He gets around incredibly well and nothing hinders him! He still spends time in his wheelchair but goes as much as he can on his stubbies. He and Cori are trusting the Lord Jesus for their future. Though at times there is a sadness that comes over them as they realize something they used to do and cannot today, they do find hope and courage to keep moving on in their lives with the reality that the Lord has a new life for them to live and they are able to have joy and peace knowing that He knows. Israel and Cori send their love and greeting to you all! If you would like to send Israel and Cori an encouraging note  to their email address,  on this day that could be a real encouragement to them.  Thank you once again for your thoughts and prayers for Israel and Cori Hale!