The Homecoming of Israel and Cori Hale! April 1st, 2013

Six months ago God saw what was coming, probably the biggest tragedy that will come in Israel and Cori’s life. Looking back on it, some of us  would have to wonder if it was so that the power of God’s mercy and love for His children could be made known. Six months ago when Israel’s accident happened he was in the process of beginning the construction on his house. I and others thought that we should cease construction of his house because it did not seem possible that it would ever be built due to lack of money. A brother in the Lord came to us and said,” I think that we should just pray that the Lord will provide the money to finish his house. God is not short of money.” As we began to pray God touched the hearts of so many people not only in Alaska but all over the United States.It was amazing to even watch how some people who had never known the family would just pick up the phone and call and offer their help, money and resources. It has been such a touching experience for us to see the many miracles that God has worked through this. Even some of the things that were given were the exact things we were looking for or looking to  buy! This could have  only been  God’s doing and we want to most of all thank the Lord for his tender mercies and care for Israel and Cori. We would also like  to thank each one of you who were willing to come and to give a cold drink of water to one of His children who really truly was in a time of need. We know that we can not  thank each one of you individually but we can count on  God will reward you openly for those things which you did in secret.

This is a personal note from Israel and Cori to each one of you:

” Hello to each of you!

We have deeply appreciated your interest as you have followed this blog since Israel’s life changing accident 6 1/2 months ago.

We would like to bring this blog to a closure as we don’t want to sound repetitive in giving you updates about Israel’s healing with it now just taking lots of time for progress/healing.

Israel still is dealing with pain.We have found out,as time progresses,that his back did suffer from the impact of the accident as well,with a bulging disk & some slight spinal leakage, causing a lot of shooting pain down both legs. He has been getting spinal shots in an attempt to help this, but so far we haven’t seen any real relief. Please pray that this pain will be permanently healed & taken away.

The culmination of many, many people’s love & care in giving time, money, labor, skills, materials, encouragement, etc., has come to pass as we have moved into our home this past weekend, a home definitely built by God! We are overjoyed to be in our own place & have such a beautiful dwelling to call home.

We give our deepest thanks to David(Israel’s brother) & Heidi (Cori’s sister) for their kindness of heart in opening their home, even giving up their master bedroom, for us to stay in over the past 5 1/2 months while our home has been under construction. We have a wonderful relationship with them & thank God for this time of “sharing our lives together ” as siblings. David has been a tremendous help & “spear header” in much of the construction on our house,while Heidi has been a wonderful encouragement  in the progress as well.

Time would run out if we were to specifically name each one who has come up alongside us in SO many aspects.”

A special note from  David and Heidi:

This experience of working with Israel and Cori through this tragic time in their life has truly changed our lives. It has made us realize that God is so much bigger and God sees such a  bigger picture than we could ever see. The testimony that we have received of lives that have been touched by this have been amazing to us . We know that God has good things in store for Israel and Cori and that their lives He will continue to help , guide and lead.

One last thing that we would leave you to prayer for them  is in Israel finding his way in an occupation. We all know that it is a man’s desire to provide for his household and wife/family and Israel and Cori are seeking the Lord right now as to what that will mean for them with a physical condition of not having legs. It is a worry at times and yet they want to do the Lord’s will in their lives. We know God will not leave them even in these decisions and it will be exciting to see how He takes care of them financially in the future.

Thank you once again. We pray that you too may find the peace of God in whatever situations you are facing today. We are all made of the same thing, flesh and blood, and yet our God says, ” Come unto ME, all ye that are weary and  heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn of Me; for I am meek and lowly of heart and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy and My burden is light. ” Matthew 10: 28-30.

The Lord Jesus bless each one of you!

The cozy Home!

The living

room of

their new


Israel is walking more and more on his prosthetics.                                                             Israel' legs

Look at his

happy smile!

Their Home overlooking River

A picture of Israel and Cori’s house from the other

side of the Matanuska River which their house

overlooks. That is ice on the river!



Note from the blog posters: It has been our great pleasure to continually give you updates on Israel and Cori but as of right now we don’t intend to make any more posts unless there is something necessary to let you all know.

If you want to contact Israel and Cori you can still do so through their email: or you can reach them at their address: P.O. Box 4269, Palmer, AK 99645.