The Life of Israel Hale- March 1st, 2013

33 Welcome to the recent update on Israel Hale and his wife Cori!   Israel is pictured here on the right with the first water out of their well which is producing 20 gallons per minute!

Israel is now 6 months into his life without his two legs. On September 9th, 2012 at approx. 7:10 Sunday evening his life changed forever. In reflection on it , it seems like it’s been years and on the other hand , just a few days. Israel often recounts the days, “ I could do that” and at moments it is hard to accept the lot the Lord has allowed for him but he continues to put his trust in the Lord his Savior for his daily life. It’s not always easy especially when his body is still trying to recover and figure out what happened to it! Cori continues to be there at every turn to help her husband. It is an adjustment for her too and she is tackling learning many jobs which her husband instructs her. One has been  running an early 70s stick shift snow plow truck and plowing their’s and several other neighbor’s driveways!

Israel shares that he has been slowly doing better this past month of February. The pain in his lower back where his L4 and L5 vertebrae are damaged continue to affect his left leg and causes him pain still. He did go in for a shot in his back in the early part of February that has helped make the pain bearable but has not taken it away. Time and healing are still needed.

He continues to progress in learning to walk on his new legs. It is a slow one especially since his one leg’s knee, which is operated by a highly specialized computer, has not been functioning. It makes walking very difficult since it does not help him bend his artificial knee. The doctor has ordered a new computer for it which hopefully will take care of the problem. He continues to practice walking the best he can.

Excitement is mounting for Israel, though, as he sees his dreamed new house taking shape as a real home . This month has been a month of progress as Israel and Cori tackled painting the entire house themselves, even added several different colors! It turned out very nice and they felt accomplished! The flooring in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room is installed by a very kind man , Brad Glaesher. This weekend, Laverne Herr, a very special friend from Pennsylvania , has come to install their kitchen, two bathroom and laundry room cabinets which he custom made for them back in his cabinet shop in Pennsylvania! He kindly donated all the materials and time for them. Israel and Cori feel very undeserving of all the labor of love that has been shown them by so many . There have been many kind people and families, the Baily family up on Lazy Mountain being one, who have so willingly donated their time and energy to clean up for them and lend them a hand when they have needed it. Another anonymous couple donated a four wheeler for Israel to get around on their property with. It is the perfect compliment to Israel’s somewhat limited life without transportation of legs. These are just a few of the many we would love to mention who behind the scenes have been such a help to Israel and Cori.

Last of all, Israel and Cori are still overwhelmed at the Lord Jesus’ goodness to them which they daily see. There are so many daily answers to prayer that we know are being answered by out Heavenly Father who cares about the sparrow in the snow  and is caring very gently for this young couple. It is with much gratitude that they press on knowing that just as the God has taken care of them now He will continue in the unknown future which lies ahead for them.

As for the completion of their house, they are planning on being moved out of David and Heidi Hale’s home, the brother they have been living with since October , the first of April. They are excited !

Thank you to each one who is still praying for Israel. He really appreciates your thoughts for him and knows that God is answering your prayers.

May we each find the promise Jesus left us in Matthew 6:26 which says, “ Behold the fowls of the air; for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns, yet your heavenly Father feedeth them; Are ye not much better than they?”

The Lord Jesus bless you. Until next month, good bye!

P.S. Israel and Cori’s first anniversary is on March 10th! Our plan was to have them in their house but since they are not going to make that , if anyone wants to donate to the donation button before the 10th it will be used to pay for a date night away for them!


This is a short video of Israel skating with the Challengers!

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