February 1st, 2013, The Lives of Israel and Cori Hale

Good Evening to all of you Faithful Blog Readers:

We pray that all of you have had a blessed January and are now ready to enter into this new month of February. Israel and Cori have had a good month health wise with many daily variables. They appreciate all of your prayers for them which they continue to see answered by our Loving Lord Jesus on a daily basis.

Here are a few examples of answers to prayer for the month of January:

  1. Israel was fitted for his prosthetic legs and was able to achieve them toward the end of this month. Now a whole new world awaits his learning!
  2. Health: Israel and Cori, other than a 4 day stomach bug, have been very healthy which a real blessing for the winter time is.
  3. Their house has progressed greatly. Several generous people have donated materials, time and labor to continue the house building for Israel and Cori. State Foam, a local insulating company, came and installed the insulation in the walls. Gabe, another insulator came and did the labor for the visqueen and the attic of their house. Image Drywall had a crew come and install all of the drywall in the entire house. Bob Myers, a local drywall finisher volunteered two weeks of his time every day to finish their mudding and taping. Garrett Rubio, Cori’s brother, also came and helped.  There are many others behind the scenes who have worked tirelessly to put effort into making this house become a home!
  4. The physical strength for Israel to take on the task of painting his house! Amazing enough, Israel has dreamed of painting his house before he even started building. That dream is becoming a reality by the aid of a set of scaffolding and the patient help of his dear wife, Cori. They already have the garage finished and are starting on the house now. In a week or two they should be ready for the flooring to get installed.
  5. The recent contribution of many big and small items donated by a local agency with items such as flooring for their kitchen, entryway, plus all of the window blinds for every window in their house not to mention most of the practical hardware that makes a house function like bath towel racks, door rugs, door knobs,  etc. They were totally shocked at how the items were tailor made to their tastes. It was an amazing reality that God really does care about the details of our lives. These small details add such encouragement to these two. The Lord knows just what we need when we need it!

There have been some disappointments as well this month. The biggest one was the reality of a pain that has increased at the end of Israel’s right leg. It looks like a nerve problem possibly caused by the amputation. It has caused him tremendous pain especially at night. It has been very discouraging for him and Cori at moments and does not appear to have any fast answers for relief. They went to their doctor this past week who suggested some shots to help with the nerves. Due to this pain, he has not really been able to get up walking yet with his prosthetics which has been a little disappointing for him. The knife sharp jabs make it almost impossible for him to be up very long. He looks forward to the day he can get up and practice his walking. It is a slow process but Israel is determined to learn. He can do it, we are convinced!

Israel and Cori continue to look to the Lord for strength. It is a daily choice and challenge but with it God gives grace , that strength to do His will in accepting His plan for our lives. You can pray for them this month especially in the area of his nerve pain that the Lord may send some relief so that Israel can begin walking. Pray for Cori that her strength would remain as a lot of lifting and work falls on her shoulders as she help hers husband in the daily needs of life.

Included here are various pictures of Israel and Cori’s lives 2-1-13 a 2-1-13 b 2-1-13 c 2-1-13- d 2-1-13 e 2-1-13 f. Thank you for your cares and concerns.


7 thoughts on “February 1st, 2013, The Lives of Israel and Cori Hale

  1. We look forward to the monthly updates! Lucas and I pray for you daily and are excited at the progress the Lord has given! Loving greetings from Washington!

  2. Have been thinking of you a lot lately, was actually going to just pick up the phone & call today.for an update..good timing! Coming to the valley this weekend, hope to see you! Will call tomorrow! Love & hugs to you both!!

  3. I’ve been watching for your update for the past two days! It’s quite wonderful to read – and see – how God has provided so generously and thoughtfully for you both – right down to the little details. He is such a true Father to His children… Don’t you love Him for it? May all your pain be swallowed up in thankfulness, Israel, as you learn to walk again, trusting Him. You can do ALL things through Him Who gives you strength. Praying often for you both in His dear Name with love.

  4. Thank you for sharing with us again. We pray daily for you and have been wondering how y’all are doing. We rejoice to see the many answered prayers…and will especially lift up the nerve pain. May Jesus be especially near to you and fill you with His peace amidst extreme pain.

    Our love & prayers,
    Marvin & Ada Kleinsasser and family

  5. What an amazing picture of the Grace and Mercy of God you both are!! SOOOOOO inspiring! Thank you for whoever is doing the updates (Israel’s brother??)! I only know Cori from years back (and the rest of the family) but I still see the JOY of the Lord in her smiling face. Your lives are a testimony of the joy of the Lord being one’s strength. Thank you for persevering for the kingdom. The Lord continue to bless and provide for you!

  6. We like to take time together to look over the up-dates and pictures. It is such a blessing to see how the Lord is providing grace and meeting your material needs through this journey. Knowing how to pray specifically is wonderful, and we will be continuing to do just that! Sara sends Cori a big hug, it would be so precious to meet again someday! Much love.

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