Happy New Year From Israel and Cori Hale! January 3rd, 2013


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There have been many praises as we reflect back on the year 2012!

The 3 greatest ones are: life, our marriage, & our loving Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, who has so carefully orchestrated our steps , & given us the strength to face our daily challenges, disappointments, & inabilities.

Israel:   My healing progress is slow but sure.  I have been able to get off some of the pain medications, which has been a well worth it though it has been a challenging and painful process.

The pain has subsided a little since my last update, but it does persist on the end of my right leg.

The prosthetic work on my new legs & feet is moving forward. I have been fitted for the new legs and now it’s the slow process of ” fine tuning ” the details of the legs to fit just right! I got to attempt walking on them for the first time while standing between hand rails.It’s a whole new learning process that is especially hard without my natural knees. They have gotten me special computerized knees that are able to read my stride to a very minute detail.

These legs stands me back to my 6′ height & size 13 foot!!!!

drywall cleanup

Cori: Israel’s weeks have been very busy with doctor’s appointments, chiropractic appointments,prosthetic photo 2apts., & physical therapy starting up also!

There are things he is trying to fix, enjoy,& do, during this healing time Here are a few pictures. -cleaning up construction mess at our house, fixing the luggage rack on our car, bowling, etc.

We are both very excited about the progress being made on our house!

We are VERY overwhelmed & SO thankful for the MANY kindhearted, generous, individuals & companies who have donated there time, labors, skills, money & materials to make this home a reality for us!  We want to thank Joe from Image Drywall who got his whole crew to drywall the entire house in two days! This week is the start for the drywall finishing, which will be followed shortly with painting!

Israel’s brother David & his wife Heidi ( my sister), continue to be very hospitable to us as they let us make their home ours also ( temporarily ) while our home gets built!!!

We are concerned that our inability to say a personal “Thank You” to each & every one of you who has “carried our burden” with us, be it ever so small, will be interpreted as a lack of thankfulness, or a taking for granted of the many kindnesses done for us. Please know each one means SO very much to us, & often God brings it at just the time we are shedding some tears over the change that has taken place in our lives. So, though it seems general, we say “Thank You”, & may our Lord Jesus richly bless you!!!

May each of you have a wonderful new year( remember, life is short, eternity forever- be ready to meet God)!


Israel & Cori

Please continue to pray:

1. That this persisting pain will go away completely for Israel

2. That Israel will be able to learn to walk well again despite the

obstacle of it being both legs & no knees.

Note: Our next posting will be January 3oth!

leg checkups 2 more legsFancyleg checkups