Sunday , December 2 Israel Hale’s On-Going Recovery

Welcome to the newest update on Israel Hale and his recovery after the loss of both of his legs on September 9th. Almost three months have transpired since that life changing day for Israel and Cori. They reminisce often about the miracle that God did that day and how that accident scene could have been so different. Just an inch over or a leaning down on Israel’s part could have cost him his upper body or more than likely, his entire life. He and Cori continue to see the hand of the Lord in this accident and marvel at him still being here.

Israel continues his road of recovery. It is one of ups and downs, some days dealing with intense nerve spasms and muscle pain. Those days he spends on the couch , trying to cope with the pain through his pain meds and then often drifting to sleep for several hours. Then there are the days like the last few which are good days of progress and the ability to get out of the house thanks to the aid of his ever-present help-meet, Cori. They  go to their house and make future plans or head to Anchorage like on Black Friday for sales which they were able to take advantage of  by purchasing some much needed accessories for their house! The rest of their days are often filled with chiropractor or doctor appointments along with needed shopping. He has been finding this last week a lot of relief in some chiropractic work being done on his body. He realized that a lot of his nerve pain in his legs resulted from a misaligned back/spine. He has been amazed and thrilled at the results! They are continuing to pursue a doctor who specializes in prosthetics here in our nearby town of Wasilla. They really like his enthusiasm and hopeful outlook for Israel’s walking future and are excited at the possibilities which await them with new legs! He is wearing special legs shrinkers right now to help form his legs down to the size they need to be in order to be fitted for prosthetics in the future. This is a slow process and one he is actively trying to work on right now. The next step will be getting some ” stubbies”, short legs which will adjust him to the feeling of walking again. This will happen sometime in the next two months depending on his continued progress in healing.

We are so thankful as his family to see the attitude Israel continues to have regarding this injury/disability. Though he has his moments where the reality of not being able to do something grips him he overall has a very positive and enthusiastic outlook on his future. He talks often of what kind of work he he could do with his prosthetics and dreams big! He is not unrealistic about his abilities but actively is trying to push himself in order to achieve the goals he feels the Lord would have him pursue. He continues to thank the Lord for his life, changed as it is. He  loves his wife and has had to learn a new side of life for him: dependence on someone else for everything. They work very well together and are a joyful couple. Cori comes to the aid of her husband in all kinds of  daily needs and patiently tries to lend a hand . There are moments , of course, that the reality of caring for a husband in this state is a hard and long road as many other wives or husbands of amputees can attest to but she says that she turns to the Lord in prayer and He truly gives her more strength for that moment she is dealing with. We serve a kind and loving God who gives us grace and strength for the moment of trial.

The work on Israel and Cori’s house continues, though at a little slower rate . The electrical work is still not done and so there is somewhat of a standstill on insulation, sheetrock, mudding and taping until this is finished. Many kind electricians have helped with this work and Israel and Cori are so thankful for a safe job done on their behind-the-scenes electrical work . Hopefully by our next report the insulation will be in and sheetrock will be on it’s way!

We give the Lord Jesus praise for the healing work He is doing in Israel’s body and life. When we stop and consider that it has only been not even three months since this accident and see the attitude and physical healing which Israel has been experiencing we are truly humbled at God’s goodness to us! His lovingkindness is new every morning, Great is Thy Faithfulness!

Until December 30, The Lord Jesus bless all of you and thank you for your many prayers, notes of encouragement and continued interest in Israel and Cori Hale’s lives. They appreciate each and every one of you and only wish they could thank you personally.

6 thoughts on “Sunday , December 2 Israel Hale’s On-Going Recovery

  1. So sorry we could not see you last week. I will be out of town for a week & will call when I get back to reschedule. Looking forward to it! Keep your beautiful outlook, and love each other constantly!

  2. We continue to pray together every morning for you. We know God is your strength and strong tower and expect Him do continue amazing things in and through you. Thank you so much for keeping the blog going as so many of us really are praying and interested in the updates as we follow. It feels like being invited to quietly walk along side you in this journey. Thank you for the privilege.

  3. What a blessing and inspiration to hear of the physical progress and spiritual strength God is providing. A sister in the Lord recommended to me the book, He Loves Me by Wayne Jacobsen. A wonderful encouragement to relate to the Lord in utmost trust. A lesson God is using this season of life (a Grandma!)to teach me in so many ways. I listen to it from an audible book application as I go to sleep at night, and have a hard copy to read as well. Very much worth reading, again and again. You are both a great example of trusting God’s love and care when things seem to be going all wrong. May He continue to give strength, wisdom, discernment and provision from His abundance to you.

  4. Again, your testimonies are so insightful, real, and appreciated. I’m anticipating that God is going to totally amaze you both with his faithfulness. You have chosen wisely to love God in spite of the circumstances. I’m so thankful that bitterness has not found purchase in your souls. Blessings!

  5. Hi Cori and Israel: so thankful you are getting some chiropractic care and finding relief there. Thank you for being faithful even when you don’t want to and I know there have to be those times. I am reading a book about a family that went thru a fire and something that really hit me that they said about their daughter that was badly burned, was that they had to teach her what a responsibility the Lord gave her . And that grown daughter now has a disabled children’s ministry that she leads. He has given us all a special responsibility as well, but when He does, He always equips us for it. Stand firm in your faith, press on for the prize which is in Christ Jesus.

  6. Just want y’all to know that you continue to be in my prayers! May the Lord continue to guide and give each one of you strength.

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