November 10th , Saturday Evening: Israel’s New Wheels!

Hello to you all!

Israel is still pressing on. His recovery is slow but progressing. This has been an exciting week for Israel and Cori as they have been able to use some of  the money from the Sunday auction for some necessary things. One of them was a motorized wheelchair that allows him to carry items from place to place, a real need he has felt. He can now make his own coffee, empty the fireplace ashes, and in general move about more freely. He now has two wheelchairs that both have a useful place in Israel’ life. They really appreciated the money also for medications. They have been getting very expensive as they have been in the waiting for Medicaid to come through . In the meantime they have had to buy them all out of pocket.

Thank you once again for all of your support and care for Israel and Cori. They continue to keep their eyes on the Lord and are trusting Him.


5 thoughts on “November 10th , Saturday Evening: Israel’s New Wheels!

  1. What a helpful item for you!! Is Cori running to keep up with you? Do you have a aerated pad for this one too? That seat looks kind of hard for you to sit on for very long. I bet you could use a nice alpaca felt pad on there… :-). You are learning so many good things to make your circumstances more bearable, it is good to see through all the ups & downs that you still have a bright thankful smile. Thank you for sharing this journey with us all.

  2. I pray for you daily. Phillip K keeps up reminders on fb. I love your smile and your spirit to carry on and do things for yourself. May your healing physiclaly and spiritually be for your best and God’s honor.

  3. Hello Cori and Israel,
    I have been keeping up with you and All that God is doing in your hearts with all this situation. I just saw Marlisse tonight and told her that Am praying for you all. God grace and love is sufficent to deal with hard things sometimes, but He is an amazing God to is right there with us helping us thru! God bless you both and Israel Keep pressing on with the Lord it is beautiful and inspiring to see that no matter how hard it can be you will still stay
    strong how only to do that but with our Lord Jesus. God bless you!:)

  4. Dear Cori,

    I just found out about your husband’s accident not too long ago. So sorry to hear about it! I didn’t even know you were married now, either! 🙂 It sounds like you guys are doing well in the Lord’s strength in spite of it though. What a testimony. Praying blessings on you guys and for Israel’s continued healing!

    ~Rebecca (Hoshor) Popejoy

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