November 7th, Wednesday Evening, Israel’s Community Event

We had a wonderful turnout on Saturday, November 4th at the Ice Skating Rink in Palmer for Israel’s Fundraiser. The community and his family showed their support for Israel and Cori by coming in and seeing he and Cori and participating in the silent and live auction. Israel and Cori came home so blessed , humbled, and encouraged by all of your support and words of comfort and love. Israel did well that Sunday and made it for two hours sitting up, shaking people’s hands,and watching the special hockey team that uses sleds and poles instead of the normal hockey sticks.

Monday was a tough day for him after the draining day before and due to some medications problems. Thankfully he snapped out of it and Tuesday he felt better. Today, Wednesday, he went to a doctor’s appointment to counsel with a prosthesis doctor and get some opinions about prosthetics  He spent the rest of the day resting. He and Cori are doing well and continuing to press on in hope and trust in the Lord Jesus. Life is not without hope and joy even though there are hard moments.

They want to thank you all again for your care and support in these days. The Lord uses a cheerful word and kind gift to bring encouragement to their sometimes tough moments in a day.


2 thoughts on “November 7th, Wednesday Evening, Israel’s Community Event

  1. And there’s Coris sweet mom on the sidelines, as always….helping out so graciously! Truly blessed to have so many people holding you up, praying for you, supporting you on this journey! So enjoyed meeting more of both families, you are truly loved by many.

  2. Wish with all my heart we could’ve made it. I forgot to write it in on the calander and it wasn’t until like 8 pm that I remembered and we were all sooooo disappointed! With our new baby I wouldn’t have been able to ice skate at all, but we sure wanted to see you!!!!! Anyway, our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you as you face the long road of recovery. Hopefully we will be able to see you sometime soon! Love and blessings.

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