November 3rd, Saturday Evening, 9:45 PM Israel’s Life

Israel continues to gain more knowledge into his limitations and abilities. His stomach/ digestive  issues have been some of the most challenging lately and up -chucking his food is common. He and Cori are still trying to figure out his medications and what foods he can eat and also how to eat. His teeth also have been giving him a lot of grief as he realizes that he severely bruised them at the scene of his accident when he clenched so hard due to the extreme pain. Any kind of cold foods send him reeling and salad is not an option right now. So along with his leg pain which still gets intense at times along with very painful tremors in his legs he continues to face different kinds of pain.

His activity varies from day to day. Some days he is able to do more than others. Today he did something different and went to a local dog show with his wife and little dog , Surprise  and had a wonderful time looking at all different types of talents dogs can do. He came home very tired but he had Cori enjoyed their variation of daily life. He’s anticipating seeing many of you tomorrow and hopes that he will feel well enough to come.

Here is a thought for today that comes from a song:

” Amid the trials which I meet, amidst the thorns that pierce my feet, one thought remains supremely sweet , Thou thinkest Lord of me.

Thou thinkest Lord of me,

thou thinkest Lord of me,

what need I fear since Thou art near and thinkest Lord of me.”

He truly cares for us and never forgets what we are facing and what we are doing.

4 thoughts on “November 3rd, Saturday Evening, 9:45 PM Israel’s Life

  1. Saying prayers that you will have strength & no pain for visiting for a little while Sunday. Looking forward to seeing you soon! Just do whatever you need regardless. I know everyone will understand if it’s too much for you Israel. God bless you today & everyday my friend 🙂

  2. So many trials, Israel and Cori. The Lord must have a glorious plan for you both. Hold strong to your faith, through the pain, the tears, the suffering, don’t let go. I pray God will soon lift you out of the valley of pain and despair. As I have posted before, your faith and courage give me many reasons to examine myself, and I am ashamed. May God bless you with a restful night.

  3. It was so inspiring for so many people who came to see you yesterday and show their love and support for you both. You were such a trooper, visiting with each and every person who came to see you, when I know you were tired and probably in pain. You continue to be such an inspiration, motivator and role model, Israel for so many people through this journey you have been asked to take. With such a kind, loving woman by your side, and many loving family and friends, I know you will make it through this difficult transition. In fact, you will be a shining light to many others who you would never have touched had you not taken this fork in the road. You have always been a light that shines in the darkness, and you are especially now that very bright, warm light my friend. Leading by example, strength and love is the most powerful testimony you could ever be that God is love and is with us every moment. I am so proud of you both, and so blessed to be a part of your life.

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