October 27th, Saturday Night, 9:45 PM Israel’s Progress

Hello to all of you faithful blog readers who like to keep up with Israel and his continued healing progress of his two amputated legs. Since Wednesday, Israel has had his ups and downs still but continues to make headway. The day after his doctor’s appointment ( Wednesday) was one of the roughest days he’d had since being home. The exertion of driving to Anchorage even though he was able to lay down was just too much. Yesterday, Friday, he did much better and slept most of the day. Sleep seems to be his biggest aid right now as it does for all recovery of the human body! He is sleeping a lot. Today he and Cori went to their house which had the electricians working at it again and spent the afternoon looking around again and dreaming! He was tired when he came home but got a nice nap and ate a delicious dinner of spaghetti , one of his favorite meals!

Thank you for all of your prayers and thoughts  regarding Israel’s condition. He continues to daily face the reality that it is quite difficult to do much with your hands tied up wheeling a wheelchair everywhere and that transporting items even to the sink is near impossible. He continues to trust the Lord and is daily encouraged by his dear wife and her support. He is amazed that he is still alive and treasures that thought that God has a purpose for his life!

His house continues to progress forward and much thanks goes out to all the men who have taken their Saturday once again to help on his house today. It is a labor of  love that both Israel and Cori trust the Lord will repay your efforts for.

A comment on the blog came in today which is a very true thought. Here it is for our ” thought for the day.”

“It is a precious thought that you, Israel, will henceforth “walk” on your knees – quite literally – since your patellas will bear your weight, a reminder that, as believers in Jesus, we go forward first by kneeling in prayer. May every day with Jesus be a “prayer-walk” for you both!”

Here is a picture of Israel and his new Ki wheelchair that was so kindly donated to him by the Ki company. It is a much easier wheelchair to move around in ( except on plush carpet :)) and his is really excited about it’s mobility. A big thank you to all those involved in making that very important commodity available to him!

Note: We are going to be posting the blog twice a week from now on due to the fact that Israel’ s progress is slow but yet we want to keep you all informed. We will try to post on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Thank you for continuing to check this blog site out!


4 thoughts on “October 27th, Saturday Night, 9:45 PM Israel’s Progress

  1. So exciting that God is with him. Hoping and praying that he has a good recovery from here on out and no more pain issues.

  2. I just read the ‘thought for the day’ and was reminded of another thought, I think from Jonathan Goforth, which is: “going forward on your knees.” I will have to look it up for you, as it might be encouraging (I can’t right this minute 🙂 to both of you as you go forward in your lives together.

  3. Your love and wonderful attitude show through this unexpected journey you are taking. Prayers, Blessings and Healing thoughts are sent your way. Your neighbor

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