October 16th, Tuesday Evening, 9:55 PM BIG NEWS: ISRAEL IS HOME!

Yes, Israel Hale, Cori , and Cindy Rubio, Cori’s Mom, all flew home today!!!

It was a sudden decision which we here in Alaska found out last minute. It was an amazing trip which started at 3:00 AM , leaving Harbourview  hospital in Seattle and given a cot which he could lie down on for his flight home. Israel was doing great this morning with his pain and the flight went seamless. They landed in Anchorage at 8:40 AM and he then was taken by LifeMed ambulance to the home of David and Heidi Hale, his older brother and his wife, where he and Cori will be staying for the next few months until his home is finished to move into. Israel spent his first day here in Palmer, Alaska with his wife Cori and his Mom, Rose, as they spent joyful moments together. What a happy reunion for everyone! It was such a joy to see Israel alive, smiling, and in strong spirit. He got  three hours of uninterrupted sleep without any nurses and interruptions.  It was refreshing. Tonight  we spent the evening thanking the Lord Jesus for bringing Israel home and for giving him recovery that he had strength to make the trip.

His days are now in recovery here in Alaska. Cori will be his nurse, giving him his medicine faithfully and caring for his wounds. We have found Israel to be in very good spirits and he has a good attitude which will take him a long ways with his recovery for a trauma like this. It is something that only the Lord can give. 








If you would like to see Israel we would ask that you would contact David via the email which is listed in the picture on the blog sidebar or you can call him at, 907-232-3007. This is very important for the recovery process of Israel. He has to spend most of his time in bed and resting and we are trying to keep him away from the hospital. We will try to do our best to rotate people through to see him. We also will be having an event the 4th of November where everyone who would like can come and see him personally.

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