October 12th, Friday Night, 9:15 PM Israel’s Progress

Israel wants to give God praise for the healing turn he has felt in his body over the last 36 hours. The pain is under control for longer lengths of time without so much pain medication. He got his first real restful night sleep last night without the medicated feeling, & he has been able to sit up longer today!!! The surgeon came  to check in & he is pleased with the progress also!

Israel had a fellow amputee visit today who has also experienced a bilateral, above knee amputation on both legs. This visit encouraged both Israel & I to see that a person can live & walk, to an extent, with prosthetics, living a “new,normal” life!!!

I must also add that Israel’s heart rate is slowing down more each day(92 today)! Every day Israel is doing upper body exercises( which is what he’s doing in the picture) & leg exercises to ” stay in shape “.Today he really got into it!

God IS good, & Israel daily thanks The Lord for taking his legs, because he knows God has reasons & good plans for His children in every situation!

We both want to personally thank those that helped pour the concrete for our garage today & the MANY other of you dear friends who have helped, prayed, & encouraged us in myriads of ways!!!

Walking with Christ as our Guide,

Israel & Cori


4 thoughts on “October 12th, Friday Night, 9:15 PM Israel’s Progress

  1. What wonderful news!!! The heart rate coming down too is part of the decrease in meds, & will continue to improve as you get stronger. We were going to go out to help with the pour tomorrow but David said they did it today…awesome!! Guess we will help at another time. Saying lots of thank yous tonight in my meditations, I know more good blessings are ahead for you two!

  2. Praise the Lord for this wonderful report!!! God is soooo good and it is such an encouragement to see the way He is working in and through you during this time. We’re looking forward to having you back in Alaska as soon as He sees fit!!!!! Much prayer for continued healing…

  3. Receiving this report today has been a GREAT and AWESOME thing. Glad Israel is going onward and forward with help from the ONE upward! That’s the Spirit!

  4. It is always so encouraging to hear of answers to prayer. You, Israel are really working those arms. It is good to see your efforts to strengthen your body. God is good all the time. Keep up your good work.

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