October 8th , Monday Night, 10:00 Update on the Birthday Boy!

Israel is getting some wonderful healing sleep these days; it is a special gift from God.

Cori also  had some challenges today due to all that she has been through: stress, late nights, etc. She ended up with a severe migraine headache, at lease that is all that the doctors could figure out for now. It was so fierce that she ended up in the ER room for IV pain treatment. She is  slowly feeling better &  we pray that she can get well enough to continue her much needed encouragement to her dear husband in his painful times.

Cori sent this poem that she said has been a great encouragement to them.

” Our Father tests us

often with suffering & sorrow,

He tests us not to punish us, but to help us meet tomorrow,

For growing trees are strengthened when they withstand the storm,

And the sharp cut of the chisel gives the marble grace & form.

We love the sound of laughter, & the merriment of cheer,

But our hearts would lose their tenderness if we never shed a tear…”

“This abbreviated poem says so well what we see our loving Heavenly Father doing.  He does it in ways fit for each individual child He has. No two methods are the same!” , said Cori

The picture is of Israel opening a special package from his Mom (Rose).

Cori says, “She has been a real mom to Israel & I throughout these trying days & a real ” prayer warrior” . She continues to encourage Israel that Jesus will be his feet & legs, & that we just need to sit at His feet to learn.”


This was Israel’s birthday event a year ago!

Only God knows where we will be one year later.


4 thoughts on “October 8th , Monday Night, 10:00 Update on the Birthday Boy!

  1. We have been following your progress, Israel and our hearts are often in prayer for you & Cori as you face each new day. May Jesus be your Strength…your testimony has soo encouraged us, even thru your pain and trial, the smile that shines thru testifies of inner strength! God Bless you!
    The Martin family

  2. I check in almost every day. The LORD has really placed you two on my heart. I continue to pray for relief from pain (now for both of you) and that Israel’s heartbeat will return to normal (hopefully that has occurred). I cannot wait to see what God does with and through both of you. In a Bible study lesson today the teacher said “God uses external circumstances to effectuate internal changes [within us].” I guess that’s where He develops His character and His mettle. My heartfelt blessings to you both. — barb

  3. Cori you have been in my prayers all along, and I continue in prayer for you both. I have people asking me about you at work (customers and employees). It gives a perfect opportunity to witness of God’s care and compassion for His children. I like your poem, it reminds me of a quote ‘that a well rooted tree doesn’t blow over in a storm’. This is true of children as well, and such we are of an all powerful and trustworthy God!Continueing in prayer for you and a soon return home. Cathy

  4. Dear Israel,
    I love you very much. I am praying for you. I hope you feel better soon. Is your pain going down?
    I hope it is. I love you.
    Joshua Buckingham (8)

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