October 6th , Saturday , 11:00 PM A Personal Note from Israel

Greetings to you all,

Well today, I (Israel) feel well enough to write the update. My lovely wife has been  doing a wonderful job letting you all know my State.

Well on Thursday night I had to return to the hospital. My pain grew greater and greater to the point that I could not bear it any more, so now I lay here in my bed again wondering which step the Lord would have me take next. I have found a great peace in the Lord in all of this. I know that the Lord has placed me here. I don’t know what His plan is yet for me, but I know that it is something. I know that my legs are gone but God will give me a new set of legs. I know that I will not be able to do everything with them, but it will be just the things that He has for me to do. I am so looking forward to doing that thing God has for me. I thank God for taking my legs even though it is a trial for me. I have found such a peace and joy in laying here on this bed with no legs. I am just thankful to have my life and it is a great miracle that I can still hold the hand of my lovely wife, and for that I am thankful for beyond measure.

I am doing much better but still in quite a bit of pain. The doctors are still trying different methods of pain killer to keep my pain under control. So please pray that we can find the answer to my pain, so that we can come home.

I would like to personally thank you all for the prayers, love, emails, money, help, and time that you all had given. Each one has given so much. Some may have more  to give than others and some may give the widows mite but it all is a lot in the sight of God. I did not ask for it, nor do I deserve it but it is a great gift .You have given a cold cup of water to one of God’s children and He promises to bless you. Again, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sometimes I think the word thank you is just not enough but I have no other words to say, but thank you from the bottom of my heart.


God bless you all,


From Israel & Cori


Just a Little Side Note from the Blog Posters: Tomorrow , October 7th, is Israel’s 26th birthday!

16 thoughts on “October 6th , Saturday , 11:00 PM A Personal Note from Israel

  1. Israel, we wish you a Happy Birthday! You are in our thoughts and prayers. May you and Cori have an easy peaceful day today.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISREAL!!!! We hope you get to come home soon. We are praying the doctors find some help in pain relief for you. We look forward to seeing your smiling face soon. Keeping you and Cori in prayer……….May the Lord bless you today and ever!
    The Glaser’s

  3. Happy birthday, Israel! We hope that you have a special birthday! We are glad that you are feeling better, and pray that you will continue to heal. We are looking forward to hearing that you are well enough to go home!
    Love in Jesus,
    Tom, Katie, Michael, Bethany, Julie, Ruth, Daniel, and Hannah

  4. Dear Israel and Cori,
    It is a testimony beyond inspiration to read the post you shared with us personally, Israel. Cori, thank you so much for the labor of love in keeping the updates available for so many of us on the outside! I have no doubt there are times it has been painful to sit and type a recap of the day.
    I wouldn’t expect you to even remember who i am, but you have sheered my sheep. I have 2 sons, ages 24 and 27, and you reminded me immediately of a combination of both of them when we met. They are strong young men and warriors for God. I have copied and pasted your updates to many friends/.family who either dont really travel the internet enough to visit a blog or may not take the time. My sons are both utterly inspired by your perspective and praise of our worthy Father, IN THE MIDST of the storm! Thank you Israel for choosing to see this as somehow a ‘gift’ (as you thanked Him) that He can trust YOU with, in order to bring Him glory. You are doing exactly that.

    Happy birthday Israel. Thank you for the humbling and inspiring experience of allowing some of us on the very fringes, to walk along on this journey and let our Father teach us what He has for each of us individually, to learn through your life.
    May you both be blessed beyond all imaginations!

  5. Happy Birthday Israel!! May Jesus be glorified as you live for him in the midst of this “turn-around” in your life! Praise the Lord!
    God bless, Marvin & Ada, Dorinda, Jedidiah

  6. So good to hear from you(Israel, he he). I praise God for your personal testimony of His greatness. It has been an inspiration that in my everyday life, I might have the same attitude. Why wait, eh? I hope you have a good birthday today and I keep praying you will return on God’s schedule as it is the perfect one for you. We hold you up in prayer at Pioneer Peak Baptist Church here at the Butte as well. Cathy

  7. Praise the Lord for your beautiful testimony. You will be greatly surprised as to what you will be able to do with your new legs. God is good and with the great attitude you have he will use you to inspire others God Bless you and your family.

  8. A Blessed Birthday to you. What a dear man you are. You touch my heart now just as you did as a child. Thank you.
    May God grant you just what you need. Love to you both.

  9. Happy Birthday dear Israel…..
    Our love and prayers have been continually going up today on your behalf.
    We hope you had a wonderful day!!!

    The Buckingham Family here in Alaska

  10. Be still, my soul: the Lord is on thy side; bear patiently the cross of grief or pain; leave to thy God to order and provide In every change He faithful will remain. Be still, my soul: thy best, thy heavenly Friend, thro’ thorny ways leads to a joyful end.
    Happy Birthday- Wishing you the peace of God and lots of pain relief!
    Be still, my soul: thy God doth undertake to guide the future as He has the past. Thy hope, thy confidence let nothing shake; all now mysterious shall be bright at last. Be still, my soul; the waves and winds still know His voice who ruled them while He dwelt below.

    Be still, my soul; the hour is hastening on when we shall be forever with the Lord, when disappointment, grief, and fear are gone, sorrow forgot, love’s purest joys restored. Be still, my soul” when change and tears are past, all safe and blessed we shall meet at last.

  11. Dear Israel,
    Belated Happy Birthday, and I trust the Lord took away the pain so you could have an enjoyable 26th birthday there in the hospital. You look very peaceful & content there in the bed. Praying the Lord will deaden those damaged nerves & soon you will be able to return home in Ak. I’m amazed at all the encouraging emails you are getting from all around the world. This ‘hi tech’ stuff is great!Lord bless & keep you in His loving care. Psa. 100

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