October 4th, Thursday Evening, 9:00 PM Israel’s Location

Israel and Cori have been very challenged the last two days. It started Tuesday when they were dismissed from Harbourview Hospital with the hospital saying that he was in good enough condition to come home. In this process of preparing him to come home on a flight he nearly passed out and had to go to a friend’s house for the night ( Tuesday) . He was in much pain and was very stressed due to all the trauma of his attempted flight back to Alaska. He slept well that night but the next day he began to be in such pain that he could not function. The treatment he received at Harbourview was not very compassionate and so they decided to try another hospital and got some good care at a Providence Hospital there ( the same one which is in Anchorage). Due to the two  hospitals not able to overlap on one patient they could not admit him into the hospital there so he went back to the friend’s house who so graciously had stopped all their plans and helped him into their home making it handicap accessible right away. Today they had to face the reality that Israel has too much pain and he was desperate for relief so they headed back to Harborview this afternoon. They are there at this moment in the ” Observation Center” of the hospital because they have no room for him. They hope to get into a room tomorrow and have some more work on his pain which is baffling the doctors as to why he is still in such pain. The doctors have used all their maximum solutions to try to get the pain and burning sensation under control and without long term success.  Needless to say their faith and patience is being tried! They would ask that you all would continue to lift them up in prayer and that the Lord would give the doctors understanding how to find a solution for Israel’s pain. 

Positive Notes: Looking on the positive side for Israel and Cori , they have been very overwhelmed and  blessed with all your love and care which has been poured out for their house. The progress has already begun. Spenard Builder Supply  has really stepped in and have worked with their suppliers and have donated all the exterior windows and doors which are being installed on Saturday.They are working to do other things for them as well.

Hard Rock Plumbing is doing all the labor for the plumbing installation and working with their suppliers to help with the cost of  that as well. They have begun the work already and hope to have it completed soon!

Note: We are attempting to pour the garage concrete this Saturday , the 6th . If you have skills and want to help with this please call David at 907-232-3007 .  NEW NOTICE: The pouring of concrete has been cancelled until next Saturday, October 13th. If you would be able to still help please contact David Hale: 907-232-3007

Thoughts for Today: ” And He shall sit as a refiner and a purifier of silver: ” Malachi 3: 3 The reality that the Lord Jesus is sitting next to his refining product gives the comfort that He is not far away even in days like these that Israel and Cori are facing but is sitting right there, making sure the fire of affliction does not get too hot but does the job He wants to see done. Truly the Lord loves each of His children and never gives them more than what they can bear.

One thought on “October 4th, Thursday Evening, 9:00 PM Israel’s Location

  1. I am Phillip Knapp’s gma, so I ‘know’ you thru him. He speaks highly of you. I have been praying for you since hearing of you accident. I know the Lord loves to answer the prayers of His faithful ones. He will do so for us who are praying for the releif of your pain and discomfort. Rejoice!

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