September 30, Sunday Evening, 7:00 PM Israel’s Progress

Israel & my Sunday was a day of rest .The early part of the morning was interrupted by many different care personnel, but it quieted down as the morning went on.

Israel was again blessed with continued freedom from pain today, though he has been experiencing some phantom pains as his nerves & legs are healing. He was able to get a LOT of much needed rest.

The doctors still have some concern about his rapid heart rate which persists.

Israel is growing anxious to return home but as of right now we don’t have any details on a return trip home.

Israel & I are able to see God’s overpowering love in all that we face daily & how happy we are to have such a loving Father!!!

We give each of you are love & greetings!

Israel & Cori

One thought on “September 30, Sunday Evening, 7:00 PM Israel’s Progress

  1. Praise the Lord!!!! Israel’s pain has been such a heavy burden on our hearts and what a joy to hear the Lord is answering the prayers of His beloved!!! I LOVE to hear talk of coming back to AK too. “WIthout a vision the people perish”. We are all anxious to have you back!!! But we understand all in God’s perfect timing. Until then, may His presence be near you and his love overwhelm you there in Seattle!!!!!

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