September 22, Saturday Morning,9:30 Sweet Sleep!







Finally some sweet rest! God gave us a very considerate nurse last night who came in only when it was a must, & tried ,with great success , to give Israel time to sleep.

His pain has lessened, but it is still very much there.

There is not much new besides sleep; but we will keep you posted. Thank you all for your interest in what is going on in our lives.

We know God never moves without purpose or plan when trying His servant & molding a man!

Finding rest in Christ,

Israel & Cori



6 thoughts on “September 22, Saturday Morning,9:30 Sweet Sleep!

  1. Praise God! ” …for so He giveth His beloved sleep”! Ps 127:2. We are so thankful to God that He has mercifully given you a painless and restful sleep! Israel and Cory, our hearts are moved to tears at the trials you are enduring, but please know that there are many unknown peoples praying to God on your behalf. The sustaining power of God towards you is so inspiring, when I consider the insignificant things we endure. May God grant you both the wisdom to support each other throughout your lives. To see such a display of trust in God is so edifying I cannot describe it! You are a blessing to us. May the Lord help us to be a blessing in return. We love you-Love The Osbornes

  2. Even though i don’t know you I sense our hearts are united in Christ. I am praying that God will continue blessing you in the best way He (the Almighty) sees fit. Never has He given us more then we can bear, so cling to Him with fierce loyalty and constant peace and joy will be yours. God Be With You.

  3. We don’t know you, but we do know you are our brother and sister in Christ! And our Jesus want us to weep with those who weep. Our hearts go out to you with wrenching tears. We pray your pain will be lessened and carried in the loving arms of our Great Physician. We are so thankful for the restful sleep you had. Jesus, please bless the caring nurse for her kind and considerate ways. Yes, Jesus, thank you for being there for Israel and Corrie!

  4. As I leave the US tonight for Australia, I am carrying you both in my heart, beloved Israel and Cori. Today, I wrote of you both to more than 400 friends, linking them to this site and inviting them to pray. Already many have responded in love from different countries, their prayers joining those already journeying with you. May the Lord keep you both in a very deep and holy place as you give Him all the unknowns of this exceedingly painful time. He never explains, never apologises, but always invites us to trust for He is always good and this, too, will glorify Him.

  5. It is very hard to get any rest or sleep in a hospital. Ten years ago, I had a heart transplant. My husband would ask the staff to come back later, so I could take a nap. Once, my room was right across from the nurses’ station! Sounded like a party was going on! Life is hard- but God is good. I pray that everyday that there will be a marked difference in the amount of your pain.
    Pray for each other so you may be healed. James 5:16

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