September 17, Monday Evening 7:30 Israel’s Day

Hello once again and here is the evening update on Israel. . They decided to forego the surgery until Wednesday . They said the operation room was too busy today and he had quite a bit of swelling so they decided to wait. They did move him from the ICU unit into a regular room . That is a blessing for the bills!

He has had a challenging day with his pain. Israel is still thanking the Lord for this trial and though the pain is a 10+ this evening he and Cori are still looking to the Lord in the midst of this.

Thank you once again for all the wonderful notes , e-cards and comments on the blog that you have sent to encourage Cori and Israel. They have needed it and they are blessed by your words of encouragements.

Here are some words sent from Cori: “Here is a picture of Israel sitting up!!!  He continues to have a lot of pain; but he is persistent in moving his legs & is “delighted to still have his wife beside him”; these are Israel’s own words.

Thank you for your continued love, prayers,& support!

Much praise to God,

Israel ❤Cori”

Here are some closing thoughts for the day. Someone sent this in a note to Israel and Cori and we felt it was a good thought to end this hard day of Israel’s.

” I know you probably wonder “why did God allow this to happen”? but just remember God makes no mistakes, and He has everything in His hands, even though you may not see the reason now. As I was reading Joshua 1 this morning, I read a verse that I wanted to share with you…. “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 (NIV)”

Email Address for Israel and Cori:

8 thoughts on “September 17, Monday Evening 7:30 Israel’s Day

  1. It is so wonderful to see you sitting up! I hope they can manage your pain better in the days to come. You are in our thoughts daily!
    -Jan and Tom Newman

  2. Israel and Cori, you mihgt not know our family, but we have been friends of the Buckinghams since the 90s, and we want you to know that we are fervently praying for you. – Caleb and Autumn Posey
    Fairbanks, Alaska

  3. Dear Israel & Cori
    I realize nothing I can say will eas the pain, and no words will remove the unceartanty that must fill your mind, but I just have to let you know that we love you.
    I apreciate the giving heart that allways offered his time and talents, and never asks or expects anything in returne.
    We are in constant prayer for you and look forward to seeing you back in Alaska.
    You are a strong , kind and Godly Christ lead man who I know will use this tragidy for the glory of God.
    Love you, and hope and pray to see you soon.
    In Christ. Eddie

  4. Great to hear continued healing in all ways for you both. Please remember to make sure social services are keeping involved. Harborview has foundations that pays bills for those with no insurance or are low-income. Utilitze it as there will be many, many times in your lives that you will be given the chance to “pay forward” in one way or another. God bless you.

  5. We just learned of the accident last evening, and we will continually pray for you through this trial.
    There really are no accident with what the Lord allows, and the Lord has always sustained us by His grace, and we know that He will sustain you too.
    Wait on the Lord, Be of good courage and He will strengthen thine heart.

    Friends in Christ, Todd and Edith

  6. Dear Israel and Cori, We are your friends in Zillah that you have not met yet. We met and love your mother, Rose, last Christmas while staying at David and Holly’s in Wasilla. We are praying for you, your pain, & your journey through this ordeal. Our God hears the prayers in your behalf and is in control of this whole thing. He cares! About every little detail! We trust we will get to meet you soon over in Seattle, and will continue praying that all your needs are met. Be encouraged. He makes no mistakes. Love in Christ, Allen & Mary Long

  7. I was moved by Israel’s story after reading about it on Anchorage Daily News this morning. Most of all, I was moved by the response of Israel’s family and friends to this tragedy. God is alive and well in the world and His love is visible in the good works of each of you. Be at peace – we will pray for prompt healing!

  8. Dear Israel and Cori, Roman and I are praying for you as you experience this detour that God has planned. “Some through the fire, some through the flood…but all through the blood.” We can be assured that God is walking with you through this. God bless you as you rest in Him. Lovingly, Roman and Susie Byler

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