September 15th, 10:00 PM Israel’s Day Fighting Pain

 Israel has had quite the day trying to cope with the terrible pain he’s been facing today. He got an epidermal in his back today, in an attempt to give him some relief from pain & the phantom pain of nerves telling him his feet & shins are crushed.

  The Dr.s are happy with all his vital signs; it’s just the pain they haven’t been able to control yet. Israel may be moved soon from the ICU room as he has stabilized; praise the Lord!

   Now he faces the uphill climb of ( hopefully only one more )amputation surgery on Mon. & than the SLOW process of healing/ rehabilitation/ re- adjusting,…

“Thank you to all our MANY friends & family who are praying, helping, supporting, encouraging, … In SO many facets of this traumatic time for us!!!”❤ Cori


2 thoughts on “September 15th, 10:00 PM Israel’s Day Fighting Pain

  1. Dear Isreal and Cori,
    We wanted to let you know that we love you and are praying for you! May the Lord wrap His everlasting arms around you and comfort you as only He can. We will keep you guys lifted up in prayer!
    Your friends,
    Brad and Staci Glaser

  2. Dear Cori and Israel, we are with you in your time of crisis. We pray that your surgeries and healing goes well. We know the lord will bless you both…please feel free anytime to contact us if you have any need that we may assist you with. We send our love and prayers..

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