September 14th at 9:00 News on Israel’s Wake-Up

We talked with Cori last night and learned that Israel’s breathing tube was removed and he is out of his induced coma . Cori spoke with him for the first time last night after 5 1/2 days ! His first words out of his mouth were,” How is the person that hit me? Are they o.k.?” He breathed a tremendous sigh of relief after hearing of her well being.  Cori then proceeded to start to tell him about his legs by telling Israel that it is such a blessing that he is not paralyzed. He asked her several times as to whether he was paralyzed or not. He thought that he was all this time! She was able to assure him that he is not. His thoughts on his legs were,” Maybe they can give me fake legs.” He also shed tears hearing this as he told Cori, ” Now I won’t be able to finish building our house!” He also said to Cori,” We can’t have anyone else do it because we won’t be able to afford it. ” Cori assured him that the Lord was taking care of that. It was a hard moment for him!

He was in tremendous pain last night even with several doses of morphine and other heavy pain medications. This was part of the reason they had kept him in induced coma to help him through this very painful time. He was not able to speak much as the pain was so great. Cori assured him that it would not last forever and to hang in there. It is hard for Cori to see him in such pain . We can pray that the Lord will giver her grace as she watches her husband  and for Israel that he might have soon relief from the pain.

Cori went over all the good things with Israel that the Lord has done, namely that he is not paralyzed . She is standing fast in thankfulness to the Lord who is good.

6 thoughts on “September 14th at 9:00 News on Israel’s Wake-Up

  1. We are praying for you, Israel and Cori! Since we first heard of the accident, your suffering has laid heavily on our hearts! Though we have never met, we kind of feel like we know you through our family–(Katie is the oldest daughter in the Stevens family). We are grateful to get the updates on how Israel is doing, and will continue to pray!
    Tom and Katie Johnson

  2. Just heard the news today and our hearts go out to you, Israel, and your families. Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers…

  3. Dear Israel and Cori,
    We are praying daily for you. You are each such a blessing to the other. Thank you for this blog which makes it possible for us to follow your amazing journey. You are both inspirations to so many. Our friends Jon and Kristie Bailey shared this website with us. God bless,
    Al and Gretchen Strawn

  4. Dear Cori, Loving greetings to you from Ontario, Canada! How my heart was grieved to hear of all that you and your dear husband are passing through. We just recently heard and will be praying for you during this time! It was such a blessing to read of your encouraging words from the Lord and how He has protected Israel from so much. The Lord richly bless you! Love Sara (Deatherage) Loewen- for David too.

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