Thursday , September 13th, 10:00 PM

Israel is now in Seattle , Washington after being transported by Life Flight last night. They arrived at 3:00 AM . They made a last minute decision to send him yesterday due to a bed being opened in the  ICU unit in Seattle.

Today the doctors tried to take the breathing tube out of him but found that he has become too dependent on it thus they need to ween him off of it slowely. He still has a fever and is getting another unit of blood for his anemia . He does not appear to be losing much blood though!

They are taking him in for surgery tomorrow morning at 8:00 Am, this time to amputate more of his legs. They say that there is not enough flesh and muscle to support  his future leg prosthesis so they need to do more. Cori shared that she shed some tears today as she signed the paper giving them permission to amputate more, knowing that it is probably the best but yet is still difficult to see done. We can pray for the surgeons that they will know how best to do the amputation and what to leave and what not to.

Cori is very tired after no sleep all night and is hoping to get some needed rest tonight. Israel has not been awakened full yet so she has not had an opportunity to speak with him . She told me again that she is so thankful to the Lord to have her husband and would marry him all over again today!

Thank you all for your prayers and concern. The Lord is faithful and will not forsake His little children in the time of  their trial.

2 thoughts on “Thursday , September 13th, 10:00 PM

  1. Dear Israel and Cori,

    Our hearts go out to you in love, and our prayer is that the God of all Comfort enfold you during this incredibly difficult time.
    Cori, your love for Israel is such a testimony!
    We cannot imagine what you two have and are going through!!!
    Praise God you have each other for comfort and encouragement, and are able to draw strength together!
    May such beautiful expressions of Gods love towards your spouse be an inspiration us in this life, and may Gods power sustain you both.
    In Christs’ Love- the Osborne Family

  2. Cori and Israel, you have no idea how much support, love and prayers are being sent your way from people you have just barely or never met. We are here for you, now and when the time comes later, when many have forgotten and moved on to their daily lives. Israel has always been incredibly special to me, since the first moment I met him, and now you are too. Let the love and peace of God sweep over you like a wave, and rest knowing that many people are here for you when you get home. Remember to breathe, take deep breaths often when you feel overwhelmed…it will help. Sometimes the little things make a huge difference. We love you both, Michelle Coburn

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