These are words from Cori this Morning…..

Israel was supposed to go into surgery for more amputation this morning but they cancelled it; see Cori’s note below.

“Stayed with moms friend Teri last night, might again tonight ( its an hour away with traffic) . Israel’s well no amputation till Monday now; he needs more time to heal. Dr says he’ll be in a wheelchair A LOT in his life; so recommended wheelchair access home, bathroom, counters, sinks, doorways, car/&/or van( that can be driven & controlled by hand levers).. etc…. A little hard to hear, but God is in charge.

Thanks for all you’re doing & your care & prayers!!!”

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2 thoughts on “These are words from Cori this Morning…..

  1. Just a note to let you all know of prayer support from the Bailey clan in lower Michigan, and our Facebook friends around the world! Praying for healing, rest, peace and comfort as you walk this journey together. We feel like we already know all of you because you (as a family) have made such a godly impact on our family (Jon/Kristie and kids) already. We’ll continue to pray.

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