Who is Israel Hale?

Israel Hale , son of Robert and Rose Hale is their 6th child of 15 and the fifth boy. He was born in New Mexico, October 7, 1986. He grew up there in the mountains of New Mexico at 9000 feet.
“He was an exceptionally strong child in spirit and in body. He seemed at a young age stronger even than his older brothers. At 5 years old he carried two 40 lb. batteries across the front yard and said, ‘Look , Mama, what I’m doing!’ “ ( This is quoted directly from his mother.)As he grew older it was obvious he was very strongly built. He loved the outdoors and began riding horses at a very young age. He liked to care for animals and took care of sheep on his family’s farm in his youth.

His family moved to Alaska in 2000 and owned a homestead in the Wrangell Mountains. Here Israel grew to love God’s creation even more and grew in the skills of hunting, guiding, and learning to live in rugged situations . He and his older brothers worked together to help support the family . He learned skills of horseshoeing, training horses, and because of his strength he was able to tackle the harder jobs of life. He is a large framed man and is a very diligent worker thus his strength has been of great value in his life. He loves to help and care for others and has used his skills for this all of his life.

In 2005 Israel and his family moved to Palmer due to varying circumstances. He worked in the construction world since coming here. He was a strong worker and was the one everyone called on to lift a heavy load and to get a job finished on time. He worked very hard! He started Sunrise Shearing a few years ago after the local shearer quit and seeing a need he took up the job. He shears for people who own Alpacas, Angora goats, llamas, and sheep. He goes all over Alaska and is valued by all of his customers as a reliable , honest , easy to get along with , and helpful person. He has developed many relationships through this business and is well loved by all.

Today he works for a contractor and is valued by his fellow workers for his help and strength.

Israel has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and has sought to follow the Lord in the ways that God has led him for his every day life. Israel has faced many trials through his life and those that know and love him know him as a person who is willing to persevere and forgive even in tough times.

On the 10th of March, Israel married Cori. This accident happened exactly one year from the time he asked for her hand in marriage.They have been married for six months and have had many wonderful times together. They love each other deeply.
As he now faces this next chapter in his life we all that know him and love him fully trust that he will maintain a good relationship with the Lord and that the Lord will help him to persevere through this time.

Sunday , September 9th, was a gorgeous fall morning. Israel and Cori woke up excited at what the Lord had planned for them that day. They began their day by going to church at Manna Baptist church where they have been attending. Pastor Carden preached on the life of King David in the Old Testament . They left church and being that it was such a beautiful day they decide to use a “group on” they had purchased several months ago for a canoe trip on Eklutna Lake. Off they went to the lake and, wow, was it a beautiful day, no wind,rain, or snow! They spent Sunday afternoon canoeing on the lake . After they were finished with their canoe adventures , they proceeded to Anchorage because Cori had seen an ad for “free lumber” on Craig’s List. Being that they are in the midst of building their first home in the Butte area of Palmer they wanted the lumber and headed to Anchorage to see about getting some. They took their trailer and got their load. Suddenly, Israel realized that his trailer was not moving while going down Dimond Boulavard thus he had to stop. He put his flashers on and proceeded to check his load , trailers and tires. While standing there, he was hit from behind by a car.

It all happened so fast that he crumbled instantly . Cori hopped out of the front seat of the truck and was horrified at what she saw! A man was already there trying to pick up Israel . Miraculously, a woman arrived on that scene who was a trauma nurse at a local hospital. She realized he only had moments to live as he was bleeding profusely . She instructed the surrounding men to take a scarf and began to tie tourniquets on his two bleeding legs.

An ambulance arrived on the scene in minutes but it would have been too late if the tourniquets had not been applied correctly. He was whisked off to Providence Hospital in Anchorage with Cori beside him. She had no injury. In forty-five minutes he was in surgery in the hospital with them trying to determine the fate of his legs which at the scene were severed by the car which hit him.

He was in surgery for several hours, finally ending in the early morning with both legs amputated below the knee. The doctor watched his progress into the night and was very concerned for his life at 2:00 AM , adding another port in the side of his neck for more needed blood. By the morning, Israel was still in critical condition with the doctor still concerned about his life. Infection looked probable. Mid -morning, by the hand of God, he began to stabilize very slowly.

Monday was a rough day for his wife and his loving family to go through. Very kind people proceeded to give their sympathy and care to Cori and his family. A good friend Israel had worked for came to see him Monday. Israel knew his voice and opened his eyes and gave that precious recognition we all look for in a time like this. Later on he was read a Psalm out of the BIble and lifted up his hands while it was being read. Tuesday he was still in an induced coma, helping him be able to heal. He was still stabilizing. Wednesday came and Israel was stable.

The doctor had a decision to make as he realized that Israel needed to go elsewhere to ensure a successful future recovery . It was a choice between Salt Lake City, Utah and Seattle Washington, wherever a bed opened first. Seattle called that evening and said a bed just opened up in the hospital at Harborview. This was an answer from the Lord for where Israel would get the best care.The decision was made: he was leaving that night by Life Flight .

They left that night and arrived in Seattle at 3:00 AM. Cori had had no sleep. Israel still had a fever which they were concerned about but still seemed in stable condition. It was an adjustment for Cori, a new place, new unfamiliar faces and no husband to share her burdens with. Cori loves the Lord and she is finding the Lord a wonderful strength to lean on without her husband able to be there.

They did an evaluation Thursday and they thought he would be going in for surgery Friday. This morning, Friday , they realized he needed to heal more and so the surgery is set for Monday possibly. They hope to take out his breathing tube tonight ( Friday) or tomorrow morning.

Thus Israel’s story goes on…..There are many uncertain days ahead for Israel and Cori and he still does not know the condition he is in. We can pray for strength for him in that hour he realizes the new chapter written for him.

Back here in Palmer, Israel has a house which is in the process of being built by a contractor. Due to the accident, his family is left with many decisions to face for him: the future of Israel’s house and how to have the funds to finish building his house, how to pay his bills, what to do about his truck, trailer, and all the other things that a sudden change of life brings. We know that God is good and never does anything without purpose.

5 thoughts on “Who is Israel Hale?

  1. I almost think he could be part of my family. His Mother, Rose Hale, is my housekeeper and one of my very good friends. She is a wonderful person and I am sure that Israel is also a wonderful person. I hear he is building a home out in the Butte area. When he moves into that home, he will only be about a mile or so from where I live. Welcome neighbor! My thoughts and prayers are being sent your way. I pray that you will heal really fast!!!!!!

  2. Israel and Cori:
    My heart breaks to see such a tragic event happen. I too am a new husband and a father. Please accept our prayers Lord that this can be somehow for your glory. Give these two strength and comfort to get through this difficult time and may the ones who know continue to offer prayers for healing.

    Jon and Deborah

  3. Israel trained our horse about 5 years ago for us and we truly appreciate his character and his Christian example. We will be praying for you and your family.
    Erik and Amy Paul

  4. Israel, I learned of your accident from a brother, Geoff Richards. It is a tough road CHRIST has for you and Cori to be walking. May prayers from Australia help to uphold you both. Isaiah 41:10 may encourage you.
    David (Sydney, Australia)

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